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Our Philosophy


ur youth’s present, is our future. Our empowerment programs will instill a unique set of values to help our youth prepare for their journey into adulthood. The LVF R2C2 philosophy is rooted in what we believe to be the key elements of healthy and critical development. Our philosophy seeks to incorporate many of the familial based teachings while acknowledging the unique challenges that face our local community. The R2C2 philosophy has 4 points of emphasis that, when followed, set our youth up for continued success and excellence. We firmly believe in the fact that everyone in our community has the ability to be GREAT, and with the proper guidance, they will undoubtedly surpass any expectation set forth by anyone who believes differently.

Dance Craze

The attention to dance is at an all-time high. With a new line dance hitting the market every month from Gangnam Style, and the Cupid Shuffle, to The Wobble and Dub Step routines, music lovers young and old have reignited their spirit to dance! Craze 2015 and R2C2 Inc. bring that spirit to the Valley!

The purpose of Dance Craze is to provide the Lehigh Valley community with the experience of the arts through a professional dance exhibition by some of the world’s most established talent. In addition this will create a continued level of positive support for Phantom Arena and the diverse events that are displayed. Proceeds will go to support local dance companies, The Baum School of Arts and youth development programs.

Proceeds to go support the Overlook Park Project

BeYOUtiful Inside and Out: Healthy Lifestyle Forum

Since taking the journey to love her natural self and no longer conform to what the media said was beautiful, The brainchild of BA’s Founder and Creative Director, Veronica Hunter, has embraced who she is and wants to encourage others to do the same. Hunter realizes that every woman’s journey is different when it comes to self-love and empowerment. Her self– empowerment happened to come during the voyage of “going natural” with her hair. BeYOUtiful Inside & Out is meant to give someone the voice of advocacy that he/she might have lost. Men and women of all ages have a story and to we want them to share it.

BeYOUtiful Inside and Out is aimed to provide the community with information on how to take care of hair and body all the while loving yourself in the process. Too many women and young girls are uncomfortable with their natural beauty. Whether it is because of their hair texture, skin complexion, size, or shape, many have fallen into the trap of popular culture.

Proceeds to go support the Lost Boys of the Lehigh Valley Project

Multicultural Student Leadership Conference

How do we live for today and simultaneously ensure a promising tomorrow? One day soon we will look to the next generation to take the reins and lead us into the future. We will depend on their leadership, creativity, intellect and moral compass. The time to develop these young minds is right now. Failure to mentor them is like expecting flowers to grow and blossom without planting any seeds.

This event was born from the recognition that we often call upon high school students to be leaders in our schools, businesses, and communities. By Attracting Eastern PA’s brightest and most driven leaders, this program exposes students to motivating speakers, workshops, a panel, networking meals, and a college fair with a purpose to reignite their spirits to lead while equipping them with skills to complete the tasks.

Proceeds to go support the LACE UP Project

Community Father’s Day BBQ

Celebration of our fathers happen too far and few between. R2C2 Inc.’s Father’s Day BBQ is an opportunity for community members to come out and celebrate those fathers who faithfully commit themselves to the lives of their children and family.

The purpose of this event is to support fathers with positive encouragement while celebrating their existence in our community. It also provides a platform for healthy family relationships while giving the community free food, and a space to gather for a unified cause.

Proceeds to go support the Lost Boys of the Lehigh Valley Project

Masquerade Ball

True to the Lehigh Valley Faces standard the Masquerade Ball is one of the hottest parties of the year. Ladies, have an opportunity to wear their sexiest, classiest, professional attire, and strut across the room with a mysterious mask. Men, have the space to wear their hottest, classiest, professional attire and strut around the room behind one of the mysterious ladies. Classy nightlife is something a large portion of the Lehigh Valley seeks-Specifically people of color with limited establishments catering to their request for appropriate and relevant nightlife.

The purpose is to encourage professionals to connect and engage with a progressive portion of LV nightlife. With a theme attached, adults will have a wonderful time dressed to impress and ready to party in sophistication.

Proceeds to go support the Overlook Park Project


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